Kailash Manasarovar Yatra via Lipulekh Pass (PART 5)

July 28, 2016 (Day 6) – Dharchula to Sirkha via Pangu (around 7-9 kms)

Today I started my journey on foot and trekked from Dharchula to Sirkha, which is about 7-9 kms. Woke at 4 am and it was drizzling outside, little did I know that rain would be my constant companion. Prakash was our guide on Indian side who was very well adept and strict so that we left each day by 5 am. Narinder was my porter who was highly efficient but shy and would rarely talk. Many different people make up the batch but people whom I most connected with were Rishabh (our youngest Kailashi), Chander, Chandrakanth, Kapil, Vaijanti aunty (my room mate), Goel uncle, Anil (Domex was his moniker as he would call Diamox as Domex and that became a joke throughout the yatra) etc. The liaison officer for our batch was Balaji Majumdar.


crossing over to Nepal from Dharchula

common Luggage

Beginning of yatra at Pangu

Rishabh and me..soul brother 🙂

Rain God welcomed us so not sure when we would leave. After breakfast we were told since our luggage would arrive by 11am, we would start our yatra by 12pm as some people had shoes in common luggage. So, I took off my shoes and started penning down my experiences about the yatra. Dharchula is the last town in Uttarakhand and yatra starts from here. We were not able to go via Narayan Ashram due to landslides and would go via Pangu. Crossed over to Nepal via bridge. I hadn’t ta