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A moment comes when you see the whole futility of effort. You have done all that you can do and nothing is happening. You have done all that is humanly possible. Then what else can you do? In sheer helplessness one drops all search. And the day the search stopped, the day i was not seeking for something, the day I was not expecting something to happen, it started happening. A new energy arose – out of nowhere…..!!!

This is the way to be ready: exert yourself sincerely — not seriously but sincerely. There are people who are always doing things halfheartedly; lukewarm is their life. They never achieve anything because they are always holding back. They never move into anything totally, intensely. They are always standing on the bank and thinking of the farther shore. Or even if sometimes they try, they are riding on two horses; in case the one fails, the other will always be there. They are riding in two boats. Their life is so divided that whatsoever they do they always do with a dividedness. And any flowering of consciousness is possible only when there is an organic unity in you…..!!!

A real education will not teach you to be the first. It will tell you to enjoy whatsoever you are doing, not for the result but for the act itself. Just like a painter or a dancer or a musician….

If you become more sensitive to beauty, to poetry, that means your love has blossomed. And all the energy that has been left by fear, anger and hate, will be taken over by your love, your sensitivity, your compassion, your creativity. This is the whole alchemy of changing base metals into gold…..

Understand the very motivation of all ideas, thoughts, desires. It is a seed-like thing. Watch inside — why can’t you be herenow? Why is it always that you are thinking of somewhere else? Why can’t you be happy as you are? Why are you thinking that tomorrow you will be happy? How can you be happy tomorrow if you are not happy today?. — because tomorrow is going to be born out of the moment. Out of this moment the next moment is going to be born. Today is going to become the parent of tomorrow. If you are unhappy today, you will be more unhappy tomorrow. You will have learned, by that time, many more tricks to be unhappy. You are practicing it, and you hope tomorrow to be happy? Then you are in a hopeless rut. You desire for tomorrow? — then you are continuously missing all that is here, and that is the only reality there is. If you can even for a single moment put aside desiring, then the projector stops, and the dreaming stops, and you are able to face reality……!!!


If you liked it, please share and spread the love :)


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    sajith viswam

    February 4, 2010

    Brilliant! Classic! Truth!

    nice reading ur take on life nd happiness.

    Stay blessed. Keep blogging…

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    hachi nanu

    January 11, 2010

    but the point is how much courage do we personally have to ride only on one horse and not keep the back up ready, have we not been conditioned in life not to keep only one but, two, three, or even four back ups ready? are we always not thinking in terms of okay…if not this then that…am i njoing wat i m doing? are u njoing wat u r doing? if we are not njoing do we have the guts to break the social confirmity? don't we think that we will be miserable if we go against wat everyone wants us to do?

    Can we break the mould , rather do we really intend to break the mould? or we just want a vent and then continue with business as usual?

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    January 8, 2010

    some serious stuff out there….what can i say when i am the one who is on two boats and always expecting that tomorrow will be much better than my today…although i have a goal in my sight but i have kept the alternatives open also may be i dont have that much confidence in me that i will surely achieve it…but even expectation of a better tomorrow hasn't stopped me from enjoying my today…..


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