the calling path!!!

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We have certain times in our lives to make choices and not just make them but also live consequences of our choices..

we wish that some Nostradamus or Jeane Dickson to come…or some astrologer to come to our rescue that whatever choices we are making are the right ones…!!
how do we or better still i decide which path i have to tread?
i started determined on a path i wanted to tread with all my fortitude and will…but as i started my journey it was riddled with innumerable problems,but i kept going…with all hope and faith…
but things didn’t seem to ease out…i still hanged on to my dream…
i kept running after it and i must say i still am but it is eluding me in all its hues…
then i kept thinking is existence telling me to let go of my dream that is why there are so many hurdles…or may be i should muster some more courage..
how do we decide the path of life we have to tread?
does destiny push us where we need to go or is it we who chooses?
can a decision be taken instinctively or it needs to be dissected every time?
cant we take a path when whole world is against it and bear consequences of our choices?
is life always perfect and fulfilling?
cant we take risks?
cant we explore life?
is experience of elders paramount and should be taken in consideration or we should make a fresh pack of our unique experiences?

i go with the decision i have decided and when i know all odds are against me…but i promise i rise or falter on this path,i take the blame!!!
because if i dont tread this path due to fear or apprehensions i will always have a guilt that i did not try,that i gave up because other people frightened me…
so,i take a plunge…
and with it take a responsibility to make choices which will determine how my life unfolds!!!
ciao ciao!!!

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  1. Reply

    Vankoor Raina

    December 17, 2009

    seeing life through ur eyes … touching it through ur skin n feeling it through ur soul …
    amazingly written …
    waiting for the next one …
    love u forever 🙂

  2. Reply

    varuna raina

    July 17, 2009

    @ ajish..hey thanx 4 d wishes..well i love to write but with paper and pen..
    my typing speed z slow so i keep procastinating blogging..
    it really feels good to hv ppl appreciating my writing..
    u keep blogging too…:)
    stay blessed!!!!

  3. Reply

    varuna raina

    July 17, 2009

    @mukul….thanx bro for having faith in power of my dream..

  4. Reply


    July 16, 2009

    nice one yaar, do keep writing, i follow very few blogs and no one has been writing offlate. if u r nt inspired to write pressuming that there r nt many waiting 2 read ur writings, let me tell u, its nt so. i like ur writings, do blog when u get time n t topic 🙂

  5. Reply


    July 15, 2009

    aptly written and right decision taken….we have been granted only the power to make decision not to foresee the consequences due to that choice…so what we can to is take a decision and then work in a proper way to justify our choice…we have to stand by it..u took a decision and the best part is that u r making every effort to fulfill ur wish which will justify ur decision…so just be confident and go for it…


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