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“It is something that gathers strength with patience, grows despite obstacles, warms in winter, flourishes in spring, casts a breeze in summer, and bears fruit in autumn — I found Love. “
Khalil Gibran

Love..transcends all.
it happens like billion stars exploding,beyond realms of mundane,music in all atoms of body,nerves start tingling,feelings burst,in infinite universe when two people find a reason may be an abstract one to merge their essence into celebration. seeping through their veins,runs a promise to be together always in all lives but are those promises fulfilled?
why do relations have a bitter ending?
why they cant stand test of time?
why differences creep in?
may be that person was not your soul mate….
that i dont know..but i know two soulful people who changed me and my views about love that true love does exist for sure…..

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Love Actually: Coma can’t put a fullstop to this tale

College romances are meant to be fun, laughter and companionship. But for 23-year-old Sunny Pawar, companionship has assumed a new meaning.

His girlfriend, Aarti Macwan, met with a serious accident a year-and-a-half ago and has been in coma ever since.

Sunny says Aarti – his girlfriend of of two-and-a-half years – was a cheerful, independent girl. But now she needs to be cared for 24 hours a day.

“I spent 15 months with Aarti before the accident and 15 months after. It’s those 15 months that have forced me, motivated me and given me the determination to go on,” says Sunny.

Sunny was a student before the accident but he has now given up his studies to take care of Aarti. He feeds her, keeps her clean, talks to her and takes care of all her daily needs.

Aarti’s mother Bharati Macwan can only marvel at this young boy whose role has transcended way beyond the regular boyfriend.

“He is a male member and taking care of my daughter and serving her like anything even before marriage. He’ s her boyfriend, he’s her father,” she says.

Struggling with financial difficulties and the inevitable depression, Sunny pins up poems and positive messages on the wall opposite Aarti’s bed.

And even though this unique couple isn’t bound in a marriage, they are already living their vows – together in sickness and in health, till death do them apart.

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1] Love heals
By: Anand Holla
December 7, 2006

Sunny Pawar (extreme left) and Aarti Makwana (extreme right)

Tragedy struck Mira Road resident Aarti Makwana (19), months before her final university exams, but has found a saviour in boyfriend Sunny Pawar (22), who has been at her hospital bedside since 76 days, arranging for money from his friends to foot her bill.

On September 21, Aarti went for a drive with three friends to Borivli’s Gorai beach. On the way, as the friend driving the Maruti 800 sped out, the car turned turtle. “The car went out of control, took a swift turn and turned upside down,” said a friend of Aarti, who did not wish to be named.

Aarti, a third year commerce student of Mira Road’s Royal College, slipped into coma after the accident and was rushed to Jaslok hospital.

According to her mother, Bharti, Aarti’s condition has shown improvement.
“I am going through a harrowing time, seeing Aarti in coma. She now rotates her eyeballs, but fails to recognise anyone,” she said. Bharti’s husband has abandoned her.

Meanwhile, Pawar has not gone home even once in the last 76 days and spends most of his time by Aarti’s bedside.

Pawar, a Mithibai college graduate who missed his post-graduate exam in finance this October, met Aarti during a summer job last year and the two fell in love. “She needs me, and if I don’t help her in her hard times, then when can I? I want her back into my life, because I can’t live without her,” said Pawar.

He said, “She is fun-loving and wonderful. I can only hope that generous readers would provide financial help for her treatment. We are running short of funds,” adding, “Love will keep us alive…”

RD Nagpal, neurosurgeon at Jaslok hospital, said, “Aarti is being treated for a severe head injury and her total hospital bills are expected to cross Rs seven lakh.”

Aarti’s condition has stabalised. Bharti said bills amounting to Rs five lakh have been footed. “I had to takeRs two lakh loan to make the payment,” she added.



Bharti: 9892811359
Pawar: 9892856554

[2] Pawar of love
By: Anand Holla
September 22, 2007

LOVE ACTUALLY: Sunny Pawar with his girlfriend Aarti Makwana at Jaslok Hospital

On September 21, 2006, Aarti Makwana (20) had a car accident, slipped into a coma and was hospitalised at Jaslok, hitched on to a life-support system. A year on, miraculously, the girl has been recovering — slowly.

While it may not be medically proven, it is a fact that a lot of the credit goes to the outpouring of love and support from Aarti’s family and her pillar of strength — boyfriend Sunny Pawar (23). Sunny and Aarti met just 15 months before her accident, but his devotion and love to her puts many long-term relationships to shame.

For the first four months that she was in the ICU, Sunny spent every single hour of every single day with her. But even now, after she was moved to a ward and is not critical, Sunny has refused to abandon her and get on with his own life.

Best job in the world

“It’s just like any other job, except that I don’t draw a salary,” he smiles wanly. He leaves Dahisar at 11 am and returns by midnight, a 12-hour stint every day. “But this ‘job’ is so much more important and the satisfaction it gives me beats any job in the world,” he added.

Sunny feeds Aarti and plays with her left hand that she can now move. And, of course, attends to her basic nursing needs like changing her when she soils herself.

In return, Sunny gets a blank gaze (Aarti cannot recognise people) and an occasional touch from her. “She can’t recognise me or her mother, but she responds to us, as we have become a habit,” said Sunny.

To add some cheer to her room (in the hope that it will aid her recovery), Sunny has stuck her drawings of gods and goddesses on the walls of her room and added his own message, thanking God for all the support. Before the accident, Sunny had enrolled for a Chartered Financial Analyst course, but had put it on hold.

Aarti’s hospital expenses every day comes up to around
Rs 3,000 (excluding her medicines). Sunny admits that the expensive operation and her year’s stay at a premium hospital like Jaslok wouldn’t have been possible without media support.

“I thank MiD DAY for taking the initiative and covering this story first, which got us financial aid from kind-hearted readers. Of around Rs 10 lakh spent on Aarti’s hospitalisation, some of it has come from donations, due to media coverage, Sunny added.

Aarti is improving

Aarti’s mother Bharti said, “But she can barely drink about three cups of milk through her mouth, the rest has to be fed through the tube connected to her stomach.” But Sunny is still upbeat about the daunting task ahead. He says he can finish feeding her a glass spoon-by-spoon in two hours; last month it took her five hours.

YOU CAN HELP AARTI: Contact her mother Bharti Makwana on 9892811359 or Sunny on 9892856554

The accident

On September 21, Aarti went for a drive with three friends to Borivli’s Gorai beach. On the way back, the car turned turtle as it was speeding.

Aarti, then a third year commerce student of Mira Road’s Royal College, suffered severe head injuries, while others escaped almost unhurt.

and three years thence…love has transcended all limitations and it is flourishing in garden of improbabilities in is mystical hues …with existence celebrating the divine nectar and sprinkling celestial blessings on both of them….
god bless you both!!!!

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  1. Reply

    varuna raina

    February 5, 2010

    thank u sajith..
    indeed a heart breaking article but heartlifting too..of love so strong and deep and of overcoming viccitudes of life!!
    kindly share this story with many more ppl so that ppl come to help them…
    after all life is a measure of what in our lives for others we have done..
    i enjoy ur blog too..
    u write too gud..but nothing of late..
    be blessed..
    peace to you!!!

  2. Reply

    sajith viswam

    February 4, 2010

    Feel so proud of you!! Heart breaking article!! *sigh*

    Stay blessed!

    Keep blogging….

  3. Reply


    December 28, 2009

    first of all m sorry for posting this comment late…actually i have seen this story on tv on sum news channel,it is heart touching.

  4. Reply

    varuna raina

    December 14, 2009

    thanks..dat u loved the article and that is has changed atleast a little part of you…and thanks for liking my blog..
    you can go in followers section of blog and can click on follow!!
    even ur blog is too gud ..
    and poems are so refreshing and with zinging fragrance!!!
    bliss to you…

  5. Reply

    From the ashes again

    December 14, 2009

    Very beautiful article. Absolutely heart wrenching.And an equally beautiful blog. could you please tell me how can i follow your blog?

  6. Reply

    varuna raina

    December 2, 2009

    @parul…thanxx alotz sweetheart!!
    @amber..thanks a lotzz..
    @manish…wow such a beautiful lines..u wrote dem kya??
    i hope this story changes alittle part in all of us!!!
    keep shining all!!!!!

  7. Reply

    manish badkas

    November 26, 2009

    i just need to share this..

    i am love ; surrounded by the stories of lack of me,

    They come to me from near & far, from all corners of the planet Earth,

    They are deep, they are grave & they are sad,

    but tell u what ; they are not bereft of me…

    Be it the story of a cocky husband or an estranged wife,

    be it the story of a selfish brother or an indiffernt sister,

    be it the story of a lonely father or a dependent mother,

    i am in each one of them ; some germinating with me, some are rife…

    i wonder how they cant feel me when they are infact me,

    it was me when as a child u ran after me in gay abandon,

    i was u, i was the running & i was the butterfly,

    it was me when as an adolescent u first gave me your heart,

    i was u, i was the sweetheart & i was the cry,

    in youth u were confused, u were bemused, u were free,

    u searched me in ur lover, in wealth & in health,

    u tried to find me in ur best friend, in wine & in dine,

    u wandered everywhere, u found me nowhere, u lost in the sea,

    i was everywhere, i am NOW HERE, why couldn't u see…

    exhausted as an adult, u gave me up & kept urself busy,

    but even in ur busyness, u felt alone & thought of me,

    i was in ur work, i was in ur dreams, i was in all ur pursuits,

    i was waiting for u, i kept on waiting, i am still waiting…

    u grew up more in the worldly sense & got more tensed & distanced from me,

    u sought for me in temples & in rituals, in masters & in books,

    everywhere u found an emptiness, the void persisted in thee,

    i knew u were thirsty, i knew u no more lusty,

    i opened up my arms but still u didn't enter in me…

    now on ur death bed, mind not clear, u wait in fear,

    u think what went wrong, u mourn & u groan,

    i silently sit by ur side & wanna tell u neat & clear,

    i mourn, i cry & i die for u more than u for me,

    Oh ! dear what a waste of time, of life & of prime,

    what a bliss it could have been, what a life it could have been,

    only if u would have paid some attention,

    only if u would have lived moment to moment,

    onlu if u would have searched me inTHEE…

    U are my house, U are my abode, thru U do i float,

    U are my creation, i am Ur creator, together we create this world & this sea,

    how did U got lost in this world, why didn't U see,

    Oh! what a loss…? BUT…wait a minute…

    there is still a hope & there still a chance,

    i seek one more chane from THEE,

    this time please don't FORGET…,

    do not forget coz i can't preach, i can't speak,

    i can't decide for u as u can for me,

    know once for all that i am U & U are me,

    please do not forget as i can't force me upon u as u can on me…


  8. Reply


    November 26, 2009

    such a wnderful blog…varuna…
    keep blogging..

  9. Reply


    November 24, 2009

    exceptionally well written…
    piognant story and very good effort on your part to bring it up!!!


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