Kailash Manasarovar Yatra via Lipulekh Pass (PART 3)

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Today was the first day of my Kailash Yatra. For next three days there would be medical tests, briefing by MEA,formation of different Committees and other stuff. There were 48 yatris in my batch, oldest being Gyanaprakasham ji at 69 years and youngest Rishabh at 25 years. Our Liaison Officer was Balaji Majumdar. I also met all my fellow batchmates. Our liaison officer had already formed a whatsapp group beforehand, so it was easy to communicate. There were 6 females in our batch including me. People from diverse backgrounds come for yatra from length and breadth of country. Some people had already done yatra and were ready to help others who needed some information.

July 23, 2016 (Day 1)
One has to report to DHLI located at Panchkuian Road on an empty stomach in morning. The nearest metro station is Jhandewalan on blue line. For those who are staying at Gujarati Samaj would have pick and drop facility. Payment for medical tests has to be submitted and a form has to be filled. At another counter chinese visa fees and passport is to be submitted. After completing formalities, medical tests including X-ray, blood tests, TMT (treadmill testing), PFT (Pulmonary function test), etc. are done. The hospital staff is extremely cordial and helpful. On the same day, we met our liaison officer at hospital. I cleared all my tests, however, 4-5 people could not clear their medical tests and thus were not allowed to be part of the yatra.
Never be stressed out about tests, continue with your medication and have faith in the scheme of things.

My tests were finished by 10.30am but I had to wait for lecture on high altitude sickness. Lunch was served and we departed post lunch.

Aunty who could not continue..
BLS training
Garland on my hair 🙂
July 24, 2016 (Day 2)
Today, results were announced of our medical tests at ITBP hospital (Delhi) and most of the people were anxious whether they would clear the test and be allowed to proceed with the yatra. We bid adieu to people who could not clear their tests and continue, but they only had good wishes for our yatra. There were many lectures during the day including basic life support system (which I could conveniently skip) and different committees were formed. As expected, I was part of the medical committee and bhajan committee. Sang some bhajans and Om managalam omkar managalam became our yatra anthem. So many enthusiastic people come and distribute supplies needed for yatra. After that we left for home.


MEA briefing
With fellow yatris


July 25, 2016 (Day 3)
Today there was MEA briefing. Indemnity bond and other documents are to be submitted today. DIG (ITBP), who has climbed Everest twice gave some lectures. So, tomorrow would be the beginning of my yatra. For people living in Delhi – they can either stay at Gujrati samaj or come directly to Gujrati samaj by 4-5am. I stayed at the AC dormitory (co-ed) at Gujrati samaj that night and it was adorned with Bhajans and Rs 4,000 were given to each participant. Ram Kidambi who was a fellow yatri said that real yatra is starting this very moment..so enjoy every moment and even what bothers you would stop being bothersome anymore. Rs 35000 subsidy is given by Delhi government to residents of Delhi before beginning of Yatra. Some other states also give subsidy for the yatra, so it’s best to check with authorities. One thing I was sure of that I would not take a pony and do the entire yatra on foot. It was my way of reaching out to my father. Before leaving home for Gujarati samaj, Gautam and I said goodbye and he wished me best of luck for the yatra.
This yatra would have been incomplete without blessings of my master, Yogiraj Swami Amar Jyoti, my dear-most father, mother, my soulmate Gautam, sister and other well wishers.

To be continued..

At Charan Sparsh, North face of Kailash
IMPORTANT ADVICE: We should be blessed that we are chosen for this yatra and it is our responsibility to not litter and keep Devbhoomi clean. Carry your plastic wraps that you use with you and dispose them later. Try to clean the trail. Tell your porter not to litter. Gutka and chips packets lie everywhere. Particularly distressing was to see shores of Manasarovar littered with used underwear packets, ghee packets, used sanitary napkins etc. It was distressing and abominable. A place, which is so pious to us must be respected by all of us and deserves a conscious effort by all yatris to lead a cleaning drive as and when possible. Don’t forget to do your bit, even if others are not doing it. 

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