the sublime bliss…

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“That we construe results as results & not mere happenings, that we label events as good or bad & not accept them as they are, that we term work as hard or lazy & in doing so turn it into labour, that we work in order to achieve a specific goal & in the process forget to enjoy the work itself, that we are attached to a specific result & that too in the time frame as stipulated by our craving mind, are some of the factors which do not allow us to completely let go & makes us feel as if something is amiss…

The solution or salvation is manyfold, viz;

> Try to live in the NOW & HERE as much as possible ; it makes mind virtually loose its firm grip on u & u gradually start to become master of ur own destiny

> Wen u live completely in the present moment u stop worrying about the past & dreaming abt the future ; that makes u enjoy ur work totally & also makes it a creative effort

> once u love ur work..u gain  confidence in urself ; this confidence is nothing but the trust in urself, ur abilities & ur nature as a part of the whole

> This undwindling trust in urself brings the virtue of patience along with it ; u r now ready to persevere ur work wid utmost dedication & eady to accept the responsibility of whatever result it might bring

> Success & failure are then just two words for u..a byproduct of ur work ; ur focus on the process rather than result has now made u the master of ur own destiny.. u r now in sync wid the NATURE..THE WHOLE..THE DIVINE

> U accept whatever is & this time not wid grudge but wid gratitude ; u try to change things which u can in ur wisdom

> u do as if u r not the doer but an instrument..a witness ; u do not rest & leve everything on the almighty coz now u know that u r indeed a part of that almighty & exercise ur FREE WILL wid consciousness & awareness

> ur free will is supreme & now u cant be programmed or destined or remain indifferent ; this infact is the pois the power of love, the echo of silence, the shadow of peace, the state of bliss…………..

Remember, DO NOT TRUST A SINGLE WORD OF MINE….DOUBT THEM TILL THEY BECOME UR OWN EXPERIENCE or else u will know the word intellectually but wud not be able to feel the bliss…

bless u..
take care..

thanx a lot daa….

If you liked it, please share and spread the love :)