winter whispers…

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 Rolls of tears to guard her
spiralling down her winter frosted cheeks

In the dead of  freezing night she ran
when she couldn’t endure the pain

An alone commodity that she is

in age of relationships

In the lanes of despair she sees

suffering meted out

Roughened up words

massacring all her good deeds

Her face covered
and her soul naked

Running in empty bazaars
to escape her fate

She finds not a place
to empty  her head

Cuddled in their frames
dogs abound

befriending some good Samaritans
for satiating their appetites

  She ran across the blizzard
and mild rain

and wondering of how delays
ended her hope one day

Brash and rude has she become
beneath her silent frame

Yet no one sees
nor feels

the love beneath her pain

Have lost longing
and summers way

       She is as cold as winter
         which benumbs your soul
           and keeps you wanting

             for that eternal summer…

“If winter comes can spring be far behind”

If you liked it, please share and spread the love :)


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    August 14, 2011

    Lotsa memoirs collected, packed and frozen…let it melt and flow away 😉
    nicely done

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    January 11, 2011

    I wud so love to write a gud comment on this but u know m neither intelligent nor able enough to give my opinion on this post..still i am commenting to let you know that i do read your blog whenever there is an update here 🙂

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    January 11, 2011

    This comment has been removed by the author.


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