Kailash Manasarovar Yatra via Lipulekh Pass (PART 7)

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July 30, 2016 (Day 8) – Gala to Budhi (around 20-22 kms)

I got up in the morning and after having bournvita milk started my day at 5.30 am. I reached campsite by 3 pm. It takes 10 to 12 hours to reach Budhi from Gala. Last person from our batch reached by 5.30 pm. It was drizzling and I had my breakfast at 8 am. It is one of the longest days and also most beautiful. After starting from Gala, after 2 kms, one has to descend 4444 steps till the base of ferocious river Kali. Going down 4444 steps and narrow patches around river Kali has to be done on foot by all yatris.

Descending 4,444 steps
Along ferocious Kali River
After reaching base of river Kali I reached breakfast point. I had aloo nutree and pooris and ventured ahead with my porter. It was raining like crazy. One has to cross numerous waterfalls whose flow increases in rainy season and thankfully my porter was carrying an umbrella. It is not a bad idea to carry an umbrella during rainy season. Poncho also comes handy.
Breakfast point


Numerous waterfalls

After breakfast, I reached Malpa. Malpa is a village in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand, which is known for the Malpa Tragedy of August 1998 in which massive landslides wiped away the entire village of Malpa in Kali Valley.  A total of 221 people died, including 60 pilgrims traveling to Kailash Manasarovar. It is very painful to imagine what those pilgrims and villagers must have gone through on that fateful night.
Singing bhajans at Malpa
Lunch at Malpa
Location of Malpa Tragedy
Had lunch at 10 am at Malpa. Rain stopped for a while at Malpa and we all sang bhajans. We kept walking and rain and gorgeous waterfalls along ferocious Kali were our companions. On the other side of river Kali were green mountains of Nepal. There were few landslides on way. Fog,clouds and Sun kept playing peek a boo.
Mountains will never fail to inspire you and teach you lessons
  • Never run while crossing waterfalls as you might slip.
  • Never lean on railing side while crossing narrow patch enroute river Kali
  • An umbrella during rainy season is not a bad idea
  • Always walk towards mountain side
  • Whenever ponies cross, stop towards mountain side and let them pass
  • Those using pony, be careful to get down slowly and hold on the reins tightly. Many people fall and twist ankles, which you must avoid.
Prakash (Guide)
Next stop was Lamari and we were served tea and snacks by ITBP. KMVN guest house is perched on top and absolutely beautiful. Towards last 2 kms, I had severe shooting pain in my ankle and with grit and determination was able to reach campsite. Budhi campsite was spectacular. Myraid flowers, fog and quaint village. I was finally able to talk with my mother, but couldn’t reach my husband and missed him. I hoped that my legs would be better the next day and recovered for another long day.
Feeling happy at Budhi campsite


Stretching after a long trek 



Budhi village
Happy go lucky dog
Beautiful campsite of Budhi
Lost in the beauty of Budhi


IMPORTANT ADVICE: We should be blessed that we are chosen for this yatra and it is our responsibility to not litter and keep Devbhoomi clean. Carry your plastic wraps that you use with you and dispose them later. Try to clean the trail. Tell your porter not to litter. Gutka and chips packets lie everywhere. Particularly distressing was to see shores of Manasarovar littered with used underwear packets, ghee packets, used sanitary napkins etc. It was distressing and abominable. A place, which is so pious to us must be respected by all of us and deserves a conscious effort by all yatris to lead a cleaning drive as and when possible. Don’t forget to do your bit, even if others are not doing it. 

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To be continued..

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    Nepal Highland Treks

    August 10, 2017

    Additional your information here is the information about 3 days Kailash Kora. how hard it is it, how is the route and others http://www.nepalhighlandtreks.com/blog/kailash-parikrama-3-days-trek-around-kailash.html

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    Nepal Highland Treks

    August 10, 2017

    It is nice blog and bioinformatic too. Kailash Yatra operate by Government is long days and it is also benefit peoples to be fit and fine when they reach at altitude of Kailash Kora, be be success in Kailash Kora.

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    May 9, 2017

    Your advice in red makes me sad about the littering aspect. I guess ladies can switch to menstrual cups as sanitary napkins create irrepairable damage to the environment esp. where natural beauty is the asset of the place.

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    Anupam Chakraborty

    May 2, 2017

    I was eagerly waiting for this post as with every post you are giving very useful tips for this Yatra. Also I am getting prior information about the route. Your post on KMY would be of great help to me for undertaking the Yatra this year. Hope you will pen down your whole Yatra experience before July when I will start my this journey. Om Namah Shivaya.
    PS. I could not contact Narendra instead of my repeated endeavour as his phone number has been switched off.

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    Savita Patel

    May 1, 2017

    Thank you Dr. Varunaji for continue your great Yatra. Reading and looking all the pictures in detail, it feels like it's grace of God and your deep faith keeps you going. Was checking everyday for your post and I am happy to read it. Om Namah Shivay